Hair Rebonding – Disadvantages and Side Effects


In the world full of dust, pollution, and dirt particles hair fall or any kind of damage to the hair is unpreventable. Girls like experiment with their hair a lot when their hair are frizzy, dull, or heavily curly. One solution to which ladies came up with is hair rebonding but very few know the process of rebonding. Rebonding damages your hair to an extent where you will regret making such a decision. The chemicals and extreme heat damage your hair completely. We are here to make you aware of the side-effects of hair rebonding. Rebonding does not have even one advantage it is fully covered with a hack of disadvantages. Let us start discussing the disadvantages of hair rebonding.

Disadvantages of Hair Rebonding

  1. Hair becomes weak and sensitive

During the first month of your rebonding, you won’t be able to tie your hair in a pony or a bun. Your hair becomes so fragile and delicate that you cannot style them at all in the initial days. This is the biggest side-effect of hair rebonding.

  1. Damage to the scalp

One of the major disadvantages of hair rebonding is that it can do enough damage to your scalp. The heat used to straighten the hair can damage the scalp and sometimes, it can burn the scalp too. Too much exposure to the chemicals for a long time can be extremely dangerous for your hair health.

  1. Regular touch-ups required

You will be tired to know that you will have to visit a salon frequent times in a row. You will have to go for a touch up every 6 months. You will be tired enough to make these regular trips to salon happen.

  1. Loss of hair

You will be disgusted to know that after hair rebonding your hair will come off its roots as if they were stuck together using a gum. The toxicity of the harmful chemicals used in the treatment makes your hair so weak and susceptible to breakage. Even a mild pull can draw your hair strands out of its roots.

  1. Frizzy hair afterward

Your hair will ultimately become frizzy even if you are following the advice of your hair expert. You will have to follow some tips given by your hair professional to make your hair smooth. But ultimately with time, your hair will start twisting into spirals which will, in the end, become frizzy than before. Your hair might face a disaster if your rebonding process is not done properly.

These are some of the major disadvantages of hair rebonding.

In this section, we have now discussed the disadvantages of hair rebonding or side-effects of hair rebonding. Keep these tips in mind before you step out for hair rebonding. Love your natural hair. For more health and beauty-related tips, follow this section closely.