Nail extensions: Myths and facts


You all must have heard of that first impression is the last impression. One important thing to note here is that your nails also play a vital role in developing your first impression. Your nails look very beautiful if they are managed and manicured properly. It is often noticed that a girl’s impression is mostly carried out by the way her hands look that is properly manicured nails. Nail extensions are a good way to make your hands look amazing. It is an artificial way of grooming your nails but it looks absolutely natural. We are here to highlight some myths on nail extensions and facts on nail extensions. Let us get started:

Facts on nail extensions:

  1. An artificial extension, not a replacement:

A fact on nail extensions is that many ladies think that these are a replacement for natural nails. But this is not correct, nail extensions are lightweight plates made of plastic or fiber which are attached to your nails to make them look bigger and stronger.

  1. Available with different shapes and sizes:

Nail extensions are available in many shapes and sizes according to your will. You can select any nail extension of any shape or size which will suit your hands and personality. These different types of nail extensions are available at every professional salon.

  1. Quite strong and durable:

Another great fact on nail extension is that it is very strong and durable. Ladies often believe that being artificial nail extensions are very brittle and weak. But in reality these nail extensions are quite strong and durable.

Myths on nail extensions:

  1. May look artificial:

A great myth on nail extensions is that it may look artificial. These are acryl gel nails and these look just as similar to natural nails. The reason behind it is that these nails take the perfect shape of natural nails hence they look perfectly natural. It never looks artificial.

  1. Your natural nails could be damaged:

Your natural nails could be damaged if you use artificial eyelash extensions, another myth on nail extensions. Many ladies believe that nail extensions can cause damage to your natural nails but this is not the truth at all. These extensions perfectly take the shape of your nails hence looks exactly like the natural ones and without harming your natural nails. A precaution which you may take is to try this treatment at a professional salon. However, doing this at home may cause some serious effects.

  1. Acrylic and glue could cause infections:

UV gel and acrylics indeed contain chemicals but these do not harm your natural nails if done in a clean and hygienic environment. Just a precaution, never use used or dirty tools to do this treatment. Dirty tools can cause infections on your nails which may be fatal for your overall health.

These are some common facts on nail extensions and myths on nail extensions.

We have now discussed the myths and facts on nail extensions. You must keep in mind these little things to protect yourself from any kind of unnecessary myths. For more health and beauty-related tips, follow this section closely.