False eyelashes-How to contour your eye make up with it


Ladies can do anything when it comes to their beauty. Your beauty does not only lie in your personality but your eyes as well. A great saying, eyes are the reflection of your personality, is correct. When it comes to makeup then you cannot simply ignore your eye do. False or fake eyelashes can be a great idea to enhance your eye beauty. Not every woman can afford eye extensions so applying false or fake extensions can be a great alternative to do so. It is budget-friendly and will not harm your eyes. You can carry forward the idea of eyelash extensions to make anyone fall for you. We are here to highlight how to wear eye makeup with false eyelashes or how to contour eye makeup with eyelash extensions.

False eyelashes- How to contour your eye makeup with eyelash extensions

  1. Avoid oil:

Oil can cause the glue in your eyelashes to break down. The fake eyelashes will directly slide off if you will apply oil-based makeup. Many dermatologists have said that oil can be a good treatment to remove makeup but it will damage your fake eyelashes as well. You need to keep in mind that your makeup remover and daily skin regimen should be completely oil-free.

  1. Avoid mascara:

To make your eyes look denser and bigger, you may consider wearing mascara. But, mascara will make your lashes clump together and it will also break the bonds in the lash glue. With false eyelashes, your eyes already look like you are wearing mascara. In case if you are stubborn and determined to wear mascara then you can apply it to the lower lashes.

  1. Do not wear waterproof makeup:

How to wear eye makeup with false eyelashes? One thing to keep in mind is to never wear waterproof make up if you are applying fake eyelashes. With fake eyelashes, you use makeup which can be gently and easily removed. If you wear waterproof makeup, it will require extra efforts and time to remove makeup. So, keep in mind to wear mild makeup which can be removed easily.

  1. Beware about the eye shadow:

Make sure that your eye shadow must not get entangled in your eyelashes extensions. The glittery or shimmery eye shadow can irritate your eyes and your false extensions. So make sure you use a tight brush through which extra makeup like eye shadow can be easily shed off.

  1. Comb your eyelashes with a spoolie daily:

You all must be aware that if you will wear false eyelashes then there is a sure shot chance of them being entangled and criss-cross in nature. You must gently comb your eyelashes with a spoolie to clear any kind of tangles in them. Another alternative to keep your false eyelashes flawless is to use eyelash extension conditioner it is a good way to take care of your false eyelashes.

These are some ways to contour your eye makeup with eyelash extensions.

Until now, we have discussed how to wear eye makeup with false eyelashes or how to contour eye make up with eyelash extensions. The topic which we have discussed is going to be extremely helpful for all the ladies out there. Do not forget to take these tips seriously and in mind for life. For more health and beauty-related tips, follow this section closely.