Syphilis: Diagnosis and Treatment of Syphilis


Syphilis is a bacterial infection which spreads through the sexual contact between 2 partners. Syphilis is prominent in adults and can also spread to a mother to an unborn child. Syphilis starts with a sore and then can progress to rashes on your entire body. The sore can appear on the mouth, rectum, and anus. Syphilis is extremely life-threatening and can kill a person if remains untreated. We are here to highlight the diagnosis and treatment of syphilis.

Diagnosis of syphilis

Syphilis can be diagnosed by taking the samples of:

  • Blood: Blood tests can confirm the presence of antibodies which fight against the infection. The presence of antibodies can give you the proof for a present or a past infection.
  • Cerebral spinal fluid: If it is suspected that you have spinal cord syphilis complications, your doctor may also suggest collecting a sample of cerebrospinal fluid through a procedure called a lumbar puncture or spinal tap.

These are the ways how syphilis can be diagnosed.

Treatment of syphilis

If syphilis is diagnosed in early stages then the treatment can be easy and easily curable. The preferred treatment at all stages is penicillin, an antibiotic medication that can kill the organism that causes syphilis. If you are allergic to penicillin, your doctor will suggest you another antibiotic. Penicillin can help you if you have been  infected to syphilis for less than a year. If you have had syphilis for more than medications. Penicillin is the only recommended treatment for pregnant women. Women who are allergic to penicillin may undergo a desensitization process which allows a woman to take penicillin. If your child is unborn, in that situation also the unborn child requires antibiotic medicine.

The first day you receive the treatment you may experience what is known as Herxheimer reaction. Signs and symptoms include fever, chills, nausea, achy pain, and headache. This reaction does not last for more than a day.

We have now discussed all the diagnosis and treatment of syphilis. One must stay aware and alert about the disease. You must take precautions while making sexual contact with your partner. For more health and beauty-related tips, follow this section closely.