Women Sharing Their Photos For #SareeTwitter Trend

Women Sharing Their Photos For #SareeTwitter Trend1

On Monday, many people were pleasantly surprised to see the hashtag #SareeTwitter trending on the Twitter. By Tuesday morning, the Twitter had been flooded with posts from people sharing their favourite saree pics using the hashtag. As #SareeTwitter and #SareeSwag continue to trend, celebrities and politicians also have joined the fun campaign and are sharing their own pics in their favourite sarees. Take a look:

Shiv Sena’s Priyanka Chaturvedi shared not one, but four photos that show her in the traditional garment.

BJP leader Nupur Sharma also shared her photos saying “Here comes a trend I can completely relate to”.

There were millions of posts that were going with the #SareeTwitter on the Twitter.