What If Rains Are There Even On ICC World Cup 2019 Final

India vs New Zealand All You Need To Know About The Reserve Day
India vs New Zealand All You Need To Know About The Reserve Day

Heavy rains at the Old Trafford Cricket Ground in Manchester pushed the India vs New Zealand ICC World Cup 2019 clash into its ‘Reserve Day’. All the players were took off the ground by umpires in the starting of 47th Over.

Play will now resume today from where it ended and New Zealand will bat out the remaining overs followed by an Indian chase. New Zealand had knocked 211 for 5 on the surface which was slow and sluggish.

Here is all you need to know about the Reserve Day

How does the reserve day work?

The match on the reserve day will be continued, not restarted. This means that the score from the original match will be carried through to the reserve day.

In case, there was not game played on the original day, the reserve day will have a full 50 overs match.

What if there are rains even on the reserve day?

If there are heavy rains even on the reserve day, India will be qualified for ICC World Cup 2019 finals since India finished higher than New Zealand in league matches. India topped the points table with 15 points whereas New Zealand is at 4th position with only 11 points.

What if the final match is washed out?

Even if there are rains on the final contest day, the match will be played on reserve day. There is a reserve day even for the final match.

In case there are heavy rains even on the final contest reserve day, the title will be shared by two finalists.

What if there is tie match?

If the match is tied, the super over method will come to play.