Baby Falls From 11th Floor Of Cruise Ship After Slipping From Grandfather’s Arms


A 1-year-old girl slipped from her grandfather’s arms and fell to her death from 11th floor of the cruise ship in Puerto Rico on Monday. Authorities said that the family was out for vacation while the incident happened.

Police Sgt. Nelson Sotelo said that the family of the baby will remain in the U.S. territory until the investigation is complete. He further said that officers have not been able to interview any relatives yet.

Authorities said that the baby girl was travelling with her parents, two siblings and two sets of grandparents aboard the Freedom of the Seas (Cruise Ship), which docked in Puerto Rico on Sunday after a weeklong trip through the Caribbean. The death of baby girl occurred on Sunday afternoon at the Panamerican dock in the capital of San Juan.

The Police of the South Bend Police Department said while disputing the statement that the girl was being held out of the window. The cruise company said that the incident was tragic and they were helping the family.