Truth Behind Deaths Of Children In Bihar? Encephalitis In Detail, Chamki Bukhar

Truth Behind Deaths Of Children In Bihar? Encephalitis In Detail, Chamki Bukhar
Truth Behind Deaths Of Children In Bihar Encephalitis In Detail, Chamki Bukhar

You must have come across various articles or news about Bihar’s tragedy that has taken lives of around 105 children. But today, we will tell you what is the reason behind deaths of these children. A number of children are being admitted in hospitals in Muzaffarpur. The symptoms are the same for all; high fever followed by sudden disturbance or inflammation in the head.

Let’s us tell you that all of these children were below 10 years of age who have died till now because of this disease which is medically known as Acute Encephalitis Syndrome (AES).

What is Acute Encephalitis Syndrome (AES)? – Know The Truth Behind This Disorder

AES or Chamki Bukhar is a neurological disorder in which the brain and limbic system are affected when a virus or bacteria attacks the body. Most of the children who died in Bihar are believed to have consumed Lychee. You may even come across various news channels or websites who are claiming deaths of these children due to lychees.

But let me tell you something logical and scientifically proven. Lychees are not to be blamed for this tragedy. Instead, the way of consuming lychee is killing these children, as per experts and studies. As per studies, lychees contain Methylene cyclopropyl-glycine (MCPG) which regulates the body’s process of sugar synthesis when blood sugar level goes low.

Truth Behind The Deaths Of Children

So here’s the twist – Most of the children who died due to AES were malnourished and poor, if you notice. Consuming lychees on an empty stomach forces the body to metabolize fatty acids to boost up glucose levels. This, in turn, results in Hypoglycaemia. Hypoglycemia is a disorder in which your body’s main source of energy, glucose, falls down. This makes malnutrituos kids get exposed to Methylene cyclopropyl-glycine (MCPG) which is found in lychees.

So low blood sugar levels in malnutritious kids go low and glucose synthesis process gets weak or unresponsive. This furthermore results in high inflammation in the brain and high fever (even above 104°F). The same study suggests reducing the intake of lychees as an evening meal and implementing rapid glucose correction if you suspect any symptom.

Doctor’s Say On This Tragedy

A Muzaffarpur-based senior pediatrician said, “Sometimes these poor children have nothing to eat but lychees are in abundance in summer. Groups of children can be spotted in lychee orchards all day. Malnourished children have no glucose reserve in their bodies. Giving artificial sugar can also save a victim. But a delay of even half an hour can be fatal”.