Henry Ford was an American captain of industries and the founder of Ford Motor Company. Henry contributed a lot to the development of mechanical vehicles. He is one of the greatest entrepreneurs of history. Henry Ford’s success story is a true story from rags to riches. Let’s discuss the inspirational life story of Henry Ford.

Early Life

Henry Ford was born on 30th July 1863 in Greenfield Township, Michigan. He was born to William Ford and Mary Ford. In his teenage days, his father gave him a pocket watch which he used to dismantle and reassemble. He soon gained the reputation of watch repairmen among his neighbours and friends. When his mother died in 1876, Ford was totally devastated with the happening of this incident. Ford’s father expected him to take over the farm work which he denied. Ford wrote to his father saying that “I never had any particular love for the farm, it was the mother on the farm I loved”.

In 1879, Henry Ford left his home to work as an apprentice mechanist at James F. Flower & Bros. and later at Detroit Dry Dock Co. In 1882, Henry returned back to work on the farm and during this time, he became skillful in operating Westinghouse portable steam engine. Later on, Henry was hired by Westinghouse to service their steam engine. On 11th April 1888, Henry Ford married Clara Jane Bryant


In 1899, backed by the capital of William H. Murphy redesigned the Edison Company. Henry Ford founded the Detroit Automobile Company. However, the automobiles that were produced were of low quality and higher price. Ultimately, the Detroit Automobile Company was not successful and was dissolved in January 1901.

After his first effort, Henry Ford recalibrated his efforts and convinced Murphy to give him a second chance. They started second venture Henry Ford Company which failed in the beginning. Murphy brought in a manager from outside to supervise Ford’s process. Ford eventually left the company. These two failures could be career ending, but Henry Ford continued.

The success of Ford Motor Company

Several years after parting with Murphy, Henry Ford met Alexander Malcomson who had the same risk-taking spirit like Ford. Alexander Malcomson gave him full control over his production and the company introduced Model A in 1904. Soon in 1908, Model T was introduced. This model had the steering wheel on the left. This car was easy to drive and easy to drive. The car was so cheap at $825 in 1908. By the end of the 1980s, a majority of drivers of America had learned to drive on the Model T.

Ford created huge publicity by ensuring that every newspaper carried ads and stories of this new product. Very soon, Ford and his franchisees gained huge publicity by the concept of automobiling. By the end of 1914, sales of this product crossed 250,000. As the price for the basic touring car dropped to $360, the sales reached 472,000. By 1918, half of the cars running on the American roads were Model Ts. For Henry Ford, failure did not hinder innovation but helped to sharpen his vision for a technology that would transform the world ultimately.