Mary Kom: World Boxing Champion

Mary Kom
Mary Kom

Mary Kom is the five-time World Amateur Boxing Champion and the only woman boxer who has won a medal in each one of the six world championships. Mary Kom is the first Indian woman boxer to get a Gold Medal in the Asian games 2014. Let’s discuss the inspirational success story of this champion, Mary Kom.

Early Life

Mary Kom was born in 1983 to a low-class family in Kangathei, Manipur. Her parents used to work in the Jhum fields. Her family background and inconveniences created a lot of hardships which Mary overcame to become what she is today. She completed her primary education form the Loktak Christian Model School. Being the eldest, Mary assisted her parents to work in the fields and on the other side, she used to take care of her two younger siblings.

Mary was interested in sports since her childhood. She took to sports to provide her family financial support. Initially, she was an all-purpose athlete, but it was the achievement of Dingko Singh who made her turn to box. Mary got influenced after seeing Dingko Singh returning from Asian Games (Bangkok) with a Gold medal. She began her boxing training in 2000 and was a rapid learner who preferred to be put in the very same places as the boys around her. Mary used to hide her interest in boxing from her family since it was not considered a good game for them. Mary’s father scolded her when he saw the winning image of Mary’s boxing championship in a newspaper.

Boxing Career

Mary Kom began winning her medals in boxing. She won her first silver in 2001 and later on went to win 6 gold medals at the World Amateur Boxing Championship. Mary also won gold at the Asian games 2003. In 2005, Mary married her longtime friend and they together moved ahead to have twins. It was the time when everyone thought that Mary Kom will never return to the game.

In 2008, Mary came back with a 2-year maternity break to get gold in World Championships. People began to call her by the name of ‘Magnificient Mary’. After her comeback, many critics questioned her strength after becoming a mother. But Mary silenced them by winning her 4th successive gold medal in World Championships. Later, Mary went on to win the 2010 World Championship in Bridgetown. This championship made her 5-time world champion in 5 consecutive championships.

Awards and Recognition

In 2015, Mary Kom became the first amateur athlete to surpass various professional athletes in terms of earnings. Mary Kom is the first amateur athlete to get the Padma Bhushan. In 2016, the International Boxing Association (AIBA) announced Mary Kom as the Brand Ambassador of 2016 AIBA women’s World Boxing Championships. Mary Kom has been awarded several times.

  • Padma Bhushan in 2013 for sports.
  • Arjuna Award (Boxing) in 2003.
  • Padma Shri in 2006 for sports.
  • Contender for Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award in 2007.
  • Pepsi MTV Youth Icon in 2008.
  • Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award in 2009.
  • ‘Magnificient Mary’, AIBA 2008.

Mary Kom is the perfect example of hard work and will power to achieve life dreams. Mary Kom is one of the most successful athletes in India.