Benefits of Dry Fruits in Summers

Benefits of Dry Fruits in Summers

In this section, we will purely discuss about the benefits of dry fruits for health and benefits of dry fruit for skin as well. We all have heard of the health benefits of dry fruits like walnuts, almonds, dates, and raisins from our elders. These dry fruits provide benefit to our body only when they are taken in a desired and calculated amount. There is no particular season for these dry fruits to be eaten as they remain full of nutrients whenever consumed. Many essential nutrients and other elements are present in these dry fruits which are tremendously beneficial for a human body. So, let’s discuss those dry fruits and their major benefits:

Benefits of dry fruits for skin and health:

  1. Almonds:

  • Improves heart health

    Monounsaturated fatty acids and vitamin-E help in maintaining low cholesterol levels. Presence of elements like magnesium and potassium helps in regulating blood pressure levels and managing healthy heart function which turns out to be a huge benefit of dry fruit for health.

  • Weight management

    It makes you feel as if you are already full and there is no further scope of having food thus preventing you from overeating. In this way, you can manage your weight in the most appropriate manner.

  • Blood sugar control

    The researchers believe that the monounsaturated fatty acids help in regulating the glucose level, less release of glucose into the bloodstream thus preventing high sugar levels.

  1. Walnuts:

  • Better brain activity

    Walnuts help in improving brain function by lowering down stress levels due to the presence of flavonoids, vitamin-E and omega 3 in walnuts. It is proven that walnuts also fight against the free radical formation in your body which is harmful to your body.

  • Cancer-fighting ability

    Researchers have proven that the presence of Alpha Linolenic Acid (Omega 3 fatty acid) plays a major role in fighting against cancer. It can reduce the risks of cancer like breast cancer and pancreatic cancer by stopping the proliferation or differentiation of cancerous cells.

  1. Dates:

  • Iron content

    If you are suffering from anemia then you must include dates in your daily routine diet. Dates are found to be very rich in iron content hence can help you in fighting against iron deficiency.

  • Easy digestion

    Dates are full of fibers and can help in easy digestion. Easy digestion means it can help you stay away from problems like constipation etc. The potassium content present in dates helps you fight the disease called “diarrhea”.

  1. Apricots:

  • Improves vision

    Apricots are rich in vitamin A and carotenoids which are known to be best for preventing the eye sight loss in elder people. It works by improving the optic nerves in an individual.

  • Rich in antioxidants and iron

    Apricots are rich in antioxidants and iron. Antioxidants help in hindering the formation of free radicals in the body whereas high content of iron helps in fighting against anaemia.

  • Healthy skin and bones

    As apricots are also rich in calcium and potassium levels so, calcium helps in the formation of healthy bones and potassium, on the other hand, helps in absorption, distribution, and excretion of calcium in the body. Benefit of dry fruit for skin is seen as it helps in maintaining smooth and glowing skin due to the presence of antioxidants as they help in fighting against free radical formation in the body.

Here are some benefits of dry fruits for health and benefits of dry fruits for skin as well. You must include them in your diet from today onwards to stay healthy and glowing always. For more health and beauty related tips, follow this section closely.