This story is the story of one of the most successful actors in Bollywood, but he was not like others who are born in luxurious families or families that are already connected to the film industry.

Early Life

Born is a middle-class Punjabi family, Akshay’s (Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia) early years were not spent thinking about entering into Bollywood. Just like any other child, he was encouraged to focus on academics and was popular as a dancer in his school time. Passionate about martial-arts, Akshay’s life was also going like other people around him.

However, it was college time when he decided to take a turn in his life. He decided to halt his studies and go to Bankok in order to learn martial arts. It was a total gamble for his family as they had a little backing to pay for his risks. From working as a waiter in a restaurant to graduating to a chef, Akshay did everything to earn money in a county that was totally alien for him because of its language.

He then came back to India with a black belt in Taekwondo. But this did not make his life easier to live. He started finding jobs. Akshay Kumar worked as a peon in Calcutta and later, he moved to Dhaka to work for Salesman’s position. He was not at all interested in these kinds of jobs. After a few years, he got a job a martial-arts teacher in Mumbai.

Turning Point 

Destiny had planned something big for this man and moving to Mumbai was the first step in that direction. One of his martial-arts students suggested him to try his hands at modeling. Always willing to do something new, he went to work in this field. Very few people know that he used to work as an Assistant Photographer only to get free portfolio shoots. After getting his portfolio done, he went to various auditions and showed his portfolio there. While a few assignments stated getting in, he also worked as a background dancer in Hindi films. He was earning enough money to support himself a better lifestyle.

In an interesting twist of fate, he missed a flight to Bangalore for a modeling assignment. Feeling disappointed, he went to auditions to get the most out of the day. Then came the biggest turn in his life. Film producer Parmod Chakravarthy signed him for a lead role in film Deedar. Making his film debut in 1991, he has been working successfully in Bollywood for 25 years now. Giving hit-to-hit movies, he earned a tag of khiladi kumar from his fans. Still, no A-class producer was willing to offer him a role in films. Despite this, Akshay focused on his work and turned into a funnyman with impeccable comic timing proving his critics wrong.

From a restaurant waiter to one of the Bollywood’s most profitable actors, his life has been all about hard work. Akshay Kumar has now achieved extraordinary success in his life. From his story, we should learn that hard work pays off. We should never stop our work even if nothing is working right for us.