Born on 12th July 1972, Sundarajan Pichai or better known as Sundar Pichai is the perfect example of success. Sundar Pichai is widely known for his skills within the company and a net worth of $150 Million. With his team-leading skills, he is one man who exactly knows how to get work done without alienating the entire company.

Sundar Pichai is married to her college love Anjali and has two children. He is also a huge fan of cricket and in his early days, he was the captain of his school cricket team.

Early Days

Sundar belonged to a middle-class Indian family from Tamil Nadu. His father was a Senior Electrical Engineer for a British conglomerate General Electricity Company and managed a factory that used to manufacture electrical components. Sundar’s mother was a Stenographer before she had children. Most of his childhood spent in a 2 bedroom apartment where they used to compromise for various things.

Sundar completed his school from Jwahar Vidyalaya School in Chennai. He then completed his degree from IIT Kharagpur in Metallurgical Engineering. To help him fulfill his dreams, Sundar’s father withdrew his all savings to fly Sundar to the United States so that he could complete his MS and Ph.D.

After completing his MS, he started to work as an Engineer and Product Manager at Silicon Valley. He later quit his job to complete his MBA in 2002. After this, he joined McKinsey and Company as Management Consultant.

Life at Google

After leaving McKinsey, Sundar took a jump that changed his life forever. He joined Google in 2004 where he had to work as a product management leader. Then he joined a small team which was working on Google’s search toolbar. Over time, under his expertise, Google’s search toolbar became a huge success and this success gave him recognition and a new stage.

After this, Sundar pitched Larry and Eric Schmidt-then CEO with an idea to develop Google’s own browser. He faced objections from Eric on this idea but later he somehow convinced both of them. Sundar made sure to leave no stone unturned and then Google Chrome turned out to become success far beyond anyone’s imagination. Google Chrome became the number 1 web browser by defeating its competitors Internet Explorer, Firefox and etc. With immense success coming into the company, Sundar was appointed as Vice President of Product Development.


In 2010, Sundar made another progress by announcing open-sourcing of the new video codec VP8 and introduced new video format WebM. After 2 years, Sundar was promoted as Senior Vice President.

In the short period of time, Sundar again got the promotion to become the Head of Products in 2014. Till now, Sundar had established himself as the public face of Google. He was then considered by Twitter to come on board as the CEO of Twitter. Google now feared to lose Sundar from the company. Google then appointed Sundar Pichai as the new CEO of Google in order to avoid losing him from the company.

Contribution to Digital India

What makes him stand different from others is his leadership quality and skills. Sundar has also contributed to Digital India by formally announcing a bid for the introduction of broadband connectivity via WiFis or Hotspots, at 100 railways stations in India. He also said that this counting will rise to 400 in a year.