A few days back, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was interviewed by Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar. The 51-year-old actor, in a candid and completely non-political chat with Prime Minister, asked questions from anger management to retirement plans. If anyone of you missed the interview of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi, don’t worry, we have put down the list of questions that Akshay Kumar, in his interview asked. PM Modi perfectly answered all the questions, be it personal ones.

Top 10 questions answered by PM Modi

  1. Don’t you ever want to live with your family?

See, I left my home when I was very young. After an age, it sometimes becomes difficult for a person to live without the family. But as I left my home at a young age, I have gone beyond all attachments and relations. But yes, I sometimes bring my mother here.

  1. Did you ever think of becoming a Prime Minister?

I actually never thought of leading my country as my background used to give me aspirations to get a decent job.

  1. Did you want to become a ‘sanyasi’ or a soldier?

Yes, I was always impressed by faujis and when the 1962 war happened, I started thinking in that direction.

  1. Do you ever get angry?

Yes, I do sometimes get angry but my training in early years taught me to focus on positive things. Plus, I never got any chance to show my anger. In my early year, when I used to get angry, I would write down the whole unpleasant incident on a paper and then tear it away. But now, I don’t do that anymore.

  1. If you ever get an Aladdin’s Chirag, what will be your three wishes?

People should leave these kinds of thoughts. Nothing can be achieved without hard work.

  1. What are your post-retirement plans?

I have no plans for retirement because I want to spend my life in some kind of mission. I have never thought of this.

  1. Do you like eating Mangoes?

Yes, I do love to eat Mangoes but now I have controlled my urge.

  1. Do you have any friends in opposition parties?

Yes, off course! You would be surprised to know that Mamta didi sends me Kurtas selected by her. She also sends me sweets. I have a close and harmonious relationship with Gulam Nabi Azad.

  1. What happens when you are down with a cold?

I actually believe in Ayurveda. I just take 2 drops of mustard oil and put it on my nose. The mustard oil clears all the congestion. Since childhood, I never went too much to doctors.

  1. How do you keep your canvas shoes white?

By putting chalk on them. Well, what do we have to say except, chalk de phatte.

So these were some of the questions that were asked by Akshay Kumar and answered by PM Modi. For more updates, watch this section closely.