Hearing Loss In Children; Types, Signs, and Treatment


Hearing loss in children may be partial as a child sometimes can’t hear certain sounds. It could be even complete hearing loss if a child is not able to hear any sound. Hearing loss may be temporary or permanent and can be caused by a wide range of possible factors. It is important to detect hearing loss at an early stage as it is important for language development. In this article, you will get to know about the signs of hearing loss in children, types of hearing loss, and hearing loss treatment.

Types of hearing loss

Having hearing impairment means that a child has lost some hearing in one or both ears. There are many types and degrees of hearing loss that have been described according to how much hearing has been lost and which part of the ear has been affected. There are two types of hearing loss i.e. conductive and sensorineural. If a child has both types of hearing loss, it is called a mixed loss.

Conductive hearing loss occurs when something interferes with the sound waves traveling to the inner parts of the ear. There are a number of causes for conductive hearing loss. It can be caused due to wax accumulation in the middle ear, middle ear infection, or damaged tiny bones in the middle ear. Conductive hearing loss can be either permanent or temporary.

Sensorineural hearing loss is caused by a problem in the auditory nerve that carries hearing. It can be caused by physical injury, abnormal inner ear development, or damage to ear through some diseases like tumour, rubella, or meningitis. This type of hearing loss in children is permanent.

Signs of hearing loss in children

Signs to look for a possible hearing loss in your child:

  • Your child not getting startled by loud noises.
  • Your child noticing you only after seeing you, not by your voice.
  • Delayed speech development.
  • Your child not hearing when called.
  • Your child having trouble holding his head steady.
  • Not making sounds other than gargles or vibrating sounds.

Hearing loss treatment

Treatment of hearing loss depends on the type of hearing loss and its severity. But you can consider the following points for hearing loss treatment:

  1. Medication, such as antibiotics to fight any possible ear infection.
  2. Wax removal from the inner ear.
  3. Surgical treatment like tube insertion to help fluids drain out of the inner ear.
  4. Using tools like hearing aids to amplify sounds and assist hearing.
  5. Speech therapy.

In Australia, babies go through hearing test in the first few weeks of life. Same needs to be implemented in all parts of the world. We suggest you get your baby tested in order to identify any possible hearing impairment. Earlier the hearing loss is identified and treated, better for the child speech development and learning. We hope this article helped you to know about hearing loss in children and signs of hearing loss in children. To get more information and tips regarding kids health and care, follow this section closely.